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A Glimpse

    29 Jul, 2016
    God Answered…….  She is proof that there is POWER in prayer. Not those cutesy prayers that you pray before you eat… not those frufru prayers that you pray when all is going well. I’m talking about the prayers that cause you to moan and grumble. Those prayers that are so deep within your soul, that the expectation will cause you to explode if you don’t release it…. that’s exactly why we had to name her “God Answered Abundant Blessing from Above”  In 2006 I wanted to commit suicide after I had
  2. P.U.S.H
    09 Sep, 2013
    You have a blood covenant benefit… Yippee, I have benefits! Yep, one of those benefits is having access to the Throne! Access to the Throne? What is that?……. “PRAYER!!!!!” Oh, yeah, yeah… I pray but nothing happens, I don’t see results! Hmmm, maybe because you aren’t ‘P.U.S.H…ing’. What do you mean? Praying until something happens! The Bible says in book of James “you have not because you ask not”. Many Christians believe that you should only pray once for what you are believing for…. NOT