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    Anger issues?
    There are many causes of deep rooted anger. One of the main causes is FEAR. If you have experience betrayal, abandonment, abuse, illness, etc. I'm sure that fear has mades its home in your heart and mind, which is expressed through anger.
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    Everyone experiences some type of fear, but are you living with fear on a daily basis. Studies have been proven that 90% of our fears are fabricated in our mind.
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    Life issues can cause you to lose hope, but so can chemical imbalances in your brain. If you experience mood swings, fatigue, loss or increase of appetite, behavioral changes, or thoughts of suicide you should call your doctor.
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    Sometimes forgiving can be extremely difficult, especially if the hurt or betrayal was caused by a close loved one. When you hold on to unforgiveness it can cause serious mental and health issues.
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