A Glimpse of Encouragement

Loving others to life


I do my best to make myself available to those in need, but I also want to offer other outlets that can assist you with LIFE. Never give up HOPE and never be ashamed to ask for HELP. I love you beautiful people. xoxox

HE saved me! 

  1. Faith
    The first step to a life of HOPE is finding faith through Jesus Christ. Discover a relationship with Him and your purpose will be revealed. Visit.....
  2. Mental Health
    I will break the stigma behind mental illness. If you are struggling, seek medical attention. Every 40sec someone takes their own life. Don't be one of them. Visit....
  3. The National Domestic Violence Hotline
    Love does not hurt. If you are in an unhealthy relationship please seek assistance. Do not become a statistic. Click the link below or give them a call.
  4. National Suicide Prevention
    Sometimes life gets so hard you want to give up, believe me, I know, I was once there. Please STOP and speak to someone. You are needed in this world. Click the link below or give them a call.
  5. National Parent Helpline
    Parenting is not easy and it is okay to ask for help. Please seek assistance if you are an overwhelmed parent. Click the link below or give them a call.
  6. Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline
    Protect the child that is placed in your life, never hurt them. They didn't ask to be born, don't cause them to wish that they never were. Click the link below or give them a call.
"What Christians Want To Know" 

Just because you can't see it.... 

Mental Health.Gov

Do you have a "They"?

NSP 1-800-273-8255